vTion powers visual search for eCommerce and retail. Using vTion proprietary AI technology, we enable retailers with image recognition solutions from a camera button to image to text technology, in order to create a more engaged, interactive and data-driven omnichannel experience.

How it works

01 - Upload Image

Users can upload an image of a garment or any object they are interested in, but are not quite sure how to style. Never too worry!!

02 - Recommends Image

vTion's deep learning algorithm reads the image, and brings back results spoting the same piece, but all styled differently.There you see the results.

03 - Start Shopping

Once the user sees a look they like, they select the image and can shop the most visually similar items from the entire outfit within that retailer's inventory.


We know that the greatest innovation out there isn't truly groundbreaking until it works. That is why speed and accuracy are our number one priority. After benchmark testing our results were proven 95% accurate with a response time of 500ms.

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Seamless Integration

You spoke, and we listened. Time and time again we hear horror stories of endless processes and hours of your time and resources spent trying to integrate. That is why we ensured, before ever entering the market, that our product would be simple to integrate. This means no manual training, with one line of code your solution will be up and running.

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With our advanced AI, we are able to expand into multiple use cases. We are constantly improving and developing- much of which comes from listening to our clients and to market needs. The tech that powers such a dynamic industry, should mirror the same adaptability.

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Suitable Pricing Plans


Small - Hourly


  • 30 GB Storage
  • c5n.large Instance Type
  • 250,000 catalog products
  • 2 cores


Medium - Hourly


  • 60 GB Storage
  • c5n.xlarge Instance Type
  • Over 250,000 catalog products
  • 4 cores


large - Hourly


  • 120 GB Storage
  • c5n.2xlarge Instance Type
  • Over 1,000,000 catalog products
  • 8 cores