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VTION is a revolutionary new concept where thousands of smartphone users get paid weekly for simply sharing their smartphone usage activity.


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What Our Panelists Say

Pleasant surprise on actually getting the money in my paytm wallet! Nice 🙂 - doesn't seem to be effecting the battery life at all either!

Tejas Tanna

Excellent app I got money after successful registration and Weekly I got money from VTION DIGITAL It is very good and gives you earnings By just keeping it on our mobile aside and By used to see multimedia.

Yellamelli Vijayakar

Awesome I don't no why people giving bad reviews, Guys really great app don't miss first use then give a review.

Muzammil Tahasildar

This application is very good application I am using 4 month so given payment per week but not given payment since one month so please solve this issue then I will give you 5 rating

Amrutwa club

Why VTION App?

Our mission is to reward panel members with regular payouts for their contribution towards building industry insights.

Trusted by over 100,000+ panelists, just like you!

Lightweight Install – will not eat into your phone’s space or battery life

Data collected is anonymized and used for research & DMP led digital marketing

Completely safe and secure

Weekly payouts for eligible panelists directly to digital wallet

Chance to earn extra by participating in surveys

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some commonly asked questions to give you more information about VTION app
Still have questions about being a panel member?

Large advertising and media companies have been collecting your data for a long time and are utilizing it for their own benefit.

At VTION, we respect our panel members and their privacy. From day one, VTION’s mission has been to reward its smartphone panel members with regular payouts for their contribution towards building industry insights.

The VTION network is comprised of thousands of smartphone users like you who enthusiastically share their smartphone usage data and contribute towards industry research. As a VTION panel member, you can make your data work for you by getting rewarded every week.

Yes, VTION is absolutely safe to use. We are an official app on the Play Store and hence validated. You can be assured that using VTION will not affect your smartphone adversely.

When you use VTION, you securely and anonymously turn your smartphone usage activity into insights for industry research and also get paid for it.

Here is what we will NEVER track –

  • We DO NOT track any of your financial data
  • We DO NOT track your browsing history
  • We DO NOT track your SMS or your contact details
  • We DO NOT track any personal messaging apps like email, audio & video calling apps

Yes, you can absolutely trust VTION as your data is completely secure with us. VTION app will report your data completely securely and anonymously with insights that are only made available at an aggregate level and never at a personal level.

Also, here are some more reasons to put your trust in VTION –

  • Patented technological framework to address media measurement on smartphones
  • Backed by professionals and experts who have decades worth of experience working at companies like Erricson, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Nielsen,
  • “Best Use of Technology” Award at MRSI (Market Research Society of India) Golden Key Awards 2020
  • Trusted by large media agencies and corporates for leveraging smartphone insights

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